Wednesday, April 03, 2013


  1. Today is International Day of Tolerance. I'm doing my part.
  2. If I want anything done around here....
  3. What's taking EE so long? The bakery's right around the corner.
  4. I'd better not disturb Evil Editor. He's in his office negotiating an important contract.
  5. In Evil Editor's dreams.
  6. I told EE people wouldn't fear him if he didn't scowl so much. Hope I got through to him.
  7.  Maybe this'll teach EE not to send me out to run his errands.
  8. I think it's cool that Evil Editor hires athletes from his alma mater during their off-seasons.
  9. EE's been editing a lot of murder mysteries lately. I hope it's not getting to him.
  10. EE used to wear the same suit to work every day. Suddenly he has a new wardrobe. What gives?
  11. Evil Editor's been prevailed upon to substitute teach this morning. I can just imagine how that's going.
  12. I'd like to know why EE suddenly needed a DNA sample. If ANYONE'S on drugs here, it's HIM.

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