Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Publication Opportunity

Khazar-khum reports:

Last year,'s writers' group created an anthology to be sold for charity. It went so well that we're doing it again this year. Those who purchased it read some terrific stories.

We're open for submissions, which may interest minions.

Submissions must be in the Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Mystery or SciFi genres. Poetry in any of these genres is also acceptable. Entries must be no longer than 10,000 words. If it's a WIP or part of a longer work, please indicate this; last year some interesting things were passed up because we didn't know they were the first chapter of a WIP.

If you'd like to submit, go here:

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khazar-khum said...

We're seeing far too many stories that have no ending or real closure; it's like the writer ran out of the allotted number of words and simply stopped. We're also getting things that are riddled with errors in spelling and grammar. Please proofread your work and ruthlessly edit it. You want your story to have a fighting chance, so don't handicap it with the kind of mistakes that get it rejected. In short, do everything EE has told us over the years!