Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Adness, Final Results

I checked the votes at 9 PM and there was a tie for 3rd place. At midnight, when I'd tweeted that voting would end, there was a tie for 2nd. But I hadn't specified eastern time zone, so to accommodate those in California and Hawaii, I waited till this morning, at which point there was a tie for 1st and 4th. In other words, the vote was ridiculously close.

Remember to click on ads to enlarge them. Several have fine print.

Winners (tie)

3rd Place

4th Place (tie)


khazarkhum said...

I loved the comic book ad. That was classic EE, as was the pillow ad. Getting paid for thinking about EE should simply be a basic human right.

Evil Editor said...

The comic book ad was classic Whirl from an ad-creating writing exercise.

khazarkhum said...

I miss the EE exercises...they were about the only exercise I got.