Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cartoon 491

Caption: Anon.

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

I wonder if he'll ever catch on that all I ever do around here is switch the labels on the trays each morning? --Paul Penna

There. All stacked neatly for the garbage man...

(sigh) Looks like it's Oprah Or Grisham Time again... --wo

Set the form reject to auto... I'm going to lunch.--Douglas Brown

Dave Fragments said...

The last two hell's kitchen burn tonight. I'm rooting for the guy with the broken wrist, but I am guessing Gordon Ramsey isn't going to let him win.

Evil Editor said...

Unchosen caption:

Gee, maybe if EE deleted already featured cartoons, he wouldn't have all this crap piling up!--Angie