Saturday, April 14, 2012

Will You Pre-Order an Unknown Book?

Trying to think of new stuff to bring in contributions for the Brenda Novak charity auction, I'm considering:

"Your published book purchased by at least x of Evil Editor's minions! That's right, x of EE's minions have pledged to purchase (or pre-order if it's not out yet) your book! This could be the difference between just getting on the NY Times bestseller list and being number 1 on the list. Between being dropped by your publisher or contracted for another three books. Between writing and flipping burgers.

Obviously no one's gonna spend money to get three extra sales. I need to get enough pledges so that a few writers will think it's worth bidding on. If you'll pledge to buy a book, even if it might turn out to not be your cup of tea, email me. I'll email you in June to let you know what book you're buying. Then you can decide to whom you're giving it as a birthday gift. If there are a lot of you, we might raise a decent sum and make some writer happy.

I could even add to the "prize" that we'll do an online discussion of the book.


Anonymous said...

Honestly it wd depend on whether the book was self-published. If it was, then probably not.

Dave Fragments said...

Sure, I'll buy a book unseen.
It can't be worse than some of the books I've bought on impulse.

150 said...

You know what, this sounds hilarious. I'm in.

(Almost certainly wouldn't show up for a book discussion, though, for the record.)

ril said...

I'm in.

Assuming it's a regular kind of book at a regular kind of cost, not a $30,000 hand-written first edition bound in unicorn hide.

PLaF said...

Sure, I'm in.