Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer School Teacher 1

EE: Welcome to summer school. I'm Evil Editor, and I'll be running this classroom. You are here either because you're lazy or stupid or punks. Which means your chances of passing this course are nil. As it would be silly of me to waste ten weeks trying to teach you to write--knowing you won't listen to a word I say and will flunk anyway--I propose a deal: I use the class time to clear my slush pile, and you use it to read comic books or pornography and I'll give all of you D's.

Class (speaking in unison): We got a better idea. You read the comics and porn, we'll clear the slush, and you give all of us A's.

EE: Your reading skills may be lacking, but you're masters at reading human nature. Deal.

--Evil Editor

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Angie said...

Does this mean acceptance letters? Partial requests? Hurry up and get out your queries, folks!