Friday, May 09, 2014

Let's crank up the bidding!

Some people who want Evil Editor's auction items in the Brenda Novak Auction may be under the impression that the best strategy is to wait until there are only a few seconds left in the auction so that no one will have time to beat your bid. This doesn't work because the system has been set up so that no auction ends if there has been a bid in the last ten minutes. If you bid with 5 seconds left, there are suddenly 10 minutes and 5 seconds left. It's like a live auction in which the auctioneer says going . . . going . . . and someone makes a bid. Now the auctioneer gives the previous high bidder time to counter that bid.

Thus you are better off deciding the maximum amount you're willing to bid on an item and placing that bid. You won't have to actually pay that much unless someone else bids just under that much. But you also won't have to monitor the auction up to the last second in case someone outbids you.

Also, while I have your attention, fake plots are needed for the title in the query queue.

Your Book (up to 100,000 words) Edited by EVIL EDITOR
Item: 3326044
Standard Auction $ 650.00

Signed Trade Paperbacks of NOVEL DEVIATIONS Volumes 1-3 by Evil Editor
Item: 3326049
Standard Auction $ 3.00

First 10,000 Words Of Your Novel Edited By EVIL EDITOR
Item: 3326043
Standard Auction $ 25.00

Signed Trade Paperbacks of WHY YOU DON'T GET PUBLISHED Volumes 1 and 2 By Evil Editor
Item: 3326046
Standard Auction $ 3.00

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