Monday, February 10, 2014

Success Stories

Sometimes authors forget to inform EE when their books, which we encountered on the blog, become available, thus costing themselves massive sales in the critical first weeks of publication. The following three were brought to my attention recently:

1. Monster School (City of Monsters), by DC Green, (Face-Lift 842).

3. The Good Daughter (new title) by Amra Pajalik (Face-Lift 58)

2. Kindar's Cure by Michelle Hauck, (Face-Lift 905)

No word on whether the authors acknowledged the role of the Evil Minions in their success.


Dave Fragments said...

Good news. Congratulations to all three authors.

Chicory said...

Congratulations everyone! :)

khazar-khum said...

Congratulations all around!

And if you don't mention Evil Editor and the Minions (is that a great band name or what?) in the Acknowledgments, may the Demons of Remainderdom eat your words.

PLaF said...