Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Feature 14

Still More
Cartoons for

Caption: Paul Penna

Unchosen captions:

Lateral thinking? Take all the schmucks who'd point this thing the wrong way round at a blue sky, beat them over the head with it, and throw them in an underground box till they turned blue.--Whirlochre

Not only can I see Uranus, but also a pretty good view of Pollux. --anon.

Only a 4-year-old and a red crayon stand between me and Tycho Brahe. --Pacatrue

So it ain't the Very Large Array. Size isn't everything, you know. --anon.

Caption: EE, inspired by WO

Unchosen captions:

Who needs sudoku? Brain training? I tellya — thanks to my raw materials, Origami is coming back big time.--Whirlochre

It's my minimalist tree diagram for the sentence 'See Dick run.--Pacatrue

Well, according to my latest calculations, you no longer have a problem -- the bank does. --anon.

And if I build it, they will come? --anon.

Caption: Paul Penna & EE

Unchosen caption:

Guy: If we're blank slates, where do all the words come from?"

EE: [blank]


Caption: Paul Penna

Unchosen caption:

'Higgs-Manifold Rigidity over Extended String-Space Not Omega-Defined.' Heh-heh. It said 'rigid'. --Pacatrue

Caption: Paul Penna

Unchosen captions:

I'm modeling the acid reflux feeling I get when reading Grisham. --Pacatrue

I have discovered a new element that help women lose weight instantly. I shall call it -- Shelium. --anon.

Caption: EE, inspired by Paul Penna

Unchosen captions:

So so glad Wal Mart have redesigned their stores to appeal to super-intellectuals. Next conundrum: where the heck are the cinnamon muffins?--Whirlochre

Hmm. Hell's Kitchen is on tonight. --anon.

At one explosion of a zea mays everta caryopsis per hadron collision, I'll never get around to the friggin' movie. --Paul Penna

Fuck you Hal. --Wilkins MacQueen


ril said...

Ha! good stuff here, well done! Way over my head...

Timothy Whitson said...

Can I use the large brain/evil image? Is it yours?

Evil Editor said...

It is mine in that I paid to use it. My payment does not give me the right to allow others to use it. Sorry.