Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cartoon 467

Caption: R. Watson

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

I like to catch feral authors and tame them myself.--anon.

Let this serve as a warning to the next one of you who breaks in to try to sneak an early peek at the next Novel Deviations.--r. watson

I like to keep a spare editor on hand for the more demanding jobs... anon.

I told Disney I didn't want Mr. Fantastic's old office --Kathleen

I should have known if I put cheese in the trap I'd catch a Dan Brown fan...

You will remain here, Author, until your query tells what your book is about...not how original the idea is or how it compares to Stephen King (only better) or that it is guaranteed to sell millions of copies or... --Laurie Touin

Geez, Stephen. It's not like I'm breaking your legs. --Suzan Harden

So, the new landlord thinks he can double the rent just because he allows pets now, does he? --Mother (Re)produces

~Aimee States said...

I was going to ask if Pynchon dyed his hair.

Kathleen said...

excellent chosen caption!