Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Film Series

Evil Editor's Shorts--Good Things Come in Small Packages!


Text intro by Tal.


Phoenix said...

Ah, Robin, you were right. EE apparently is indeed quite tasty.

Dave F. said...

Some hot offerings for a cold, cold day. I enjoyed them. Listened twice.

wendy said...

So, did the credits say the screenplay was by Ril? Can we submit screenplays for the Sat. shorts??

ril said...

Ooh. I wrote a movie.

It's the direction and acting that makes it, though. Nicely put together.

Evil Editor said...

Can we submit screenplays for the Sat. shorts??

All of the films are made from New Beginnings and writing exercises that have appeared on the blog. So anytime you submit an opening or continuation or writing exercise, there's a slight chance I'll choose it, but only if it's funny and I can find visuals to go with it.

Robin S. said...

I agree, Phoenox. Tasty puddin', girl.

Good one, EE and ril!

And I loved the art on the wall, by the way. Apparently you have excellent taste, as well as being personally tasty.

Robin S. said...

And Tal, good intro line!

talpianna said...

Robin, I'm not sure if EE read that line QUITE the way I intended!

And for what it's worth, the fluffy cat found these fascinating.