Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Feature 11

First the writing exercise results, which consist of one last Halloween story, and then a remake of a Halloween film from . . . The Vault!

I wish I had the courage to kill you, my darling. Oh, to have the strength to give you what you ask! Alas, my beloved EE, I am weak. You cannot imagine how it pained me to remove your feet. Surely, you understand the sacrifices we must make for our love!

It all started so beautifully, did it not my darling? That glorious day when at long last you chose me! I hardly believed it myself. Oh how you teased me, renaming my characters and asking your silly questions. How did you know the pleasure I would receive, seeing your words in blue intertwined with mine?

So why, oh why EE did it have to end?

Did my novelty wear off after only one day?! Did you think I wouldn’t notice you had moved on to another? Did you think I wouldn’t recognize your words in blue?

I recognized you, EE. I recognized you because you belong to me.

I do not blame you for straying, my darling. You’re just an editor, after all, easily swayed by proper grammar and strict adherence to word counts. I forgive you your frailties.

But I see now that I have to protect you and our love from these seductive, literary succubi who covet your blue words for themselves.

Please do not cry, my sweet EE. You shall not miss your hands for long!

Just as you gave yourself to me, I shall become you. I will sacrifice my own identity to assume yours, my beloved EE, as a testament to our devotion to each other. I will advise these usurpers of our love with your own beautiful, blue words. Oh darling, how it will pain me to mingle my words with theirs. But love is pain EE, as you well know.

-- H.E. Ellis


Angela Robbins said...

nice story. i'm going to start calling you Nurse Annie.

Sylvia said...


Dave F. said...

H.E. Ellis - You are one, strange and warped puppy.

TV tonight is AMC's - THE WALKING DEAD (shown twice in a row) for all you zombie fans. They call them Walkers in this show.

ril said...

Nicely disturbing story there, H.E. Well wrote.

And awesome movie remake, EE! Very atmospheric!

Wilkins MacQueen said...

Live dismemberment! So ghoulish. Brings new meaning to Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance.