Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Film Series


M. G. E. said...

Yow, that was cold :P

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Ooh, love the absurdist concept. And the ending: right in character!

With the exercises on hiatus, EE, that means you'll be writing all the shorts yourself now, eh?

I know you hate taking scenes from WIPs since you like to keep things funny, but maybe minions could submit a funny scene? One that you don't "have to be there" to get the humor?

Or maybe trailers for their WIPs (not necessarily funny ones since they're hard enough to do).

Evil Editor said...

I haven't actually written anything specifically for the shorts except the one about a payphone a few weeks ago. With over 800 New Beginnings and well over a hundred writing exercises, there's plenty of material. It's just a coincidence that I happen to choose my own stuff all the time.

However, I'm open to anything as the Sunday feature, including perhaps a monthly writing exercise or scenes from whatever.

Evil Editor said...

This film suddenly doesn't play all the way to the end on my computer. If anyone else is having that problem I'll try re-uploading it.

Dave Fragments said...

Played all the way through for me. This was a few minutes before 4pm.