Monday, September 22, 2008

Cartoon 219

Caption: writtenwyrdd

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

I really should get a separate box for submissions and personal mail. I don't think VISA took too kindly to the rejection slip. -- r. watson

Can it be that I only have a few thousand pieces of hate mail today? Only a few billion to go! --writtenwyrdd

Grisham will have a field day with this pile! That dog loves his work. --writtenwyrdd

And then I simply drop the match... --McKoala

Julie Weathers said...

EE's been working out and growing taller.

Now there's a secret I want to know.

Good caption

Robin S. said...

WW, you're on fire, honey.

ChrisEldin said...


Good one, WW!

By the way, I've been forwarding Sebastian to everyone I know. I can't get enough! Why did you do this to me??

wendy said...

I believe conservation of resources begins at home. So I'm going to burn my writing first and then send it to you.

talpianna said...

Wendy, you've just made an ash of yourself in public.