Thursday, December 04, 2014

Success Story

JRMosher reports:

EE, just thought you and the minions would like to know that Captain Kissy-Face (from Face-Lift 717) is now available as an eBook. I got great responses from agents, but ultimately no takers, so I have self-pubbed via BookBaby. It's available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, GoodReads, Google Play Books, and just about everywhere else.

The second book in the series (Invisible Max, which also got a Face-Lift here) will be out in December, and the third and fourth books over the next couple of months.

And of course I remembered to thank you and the minions for your advice in the acknowledgements. I've been here since just about the beginning (though for a while more lurking and reading than posting) and this continues to be one of my favorite sites.

Thank you! 


Dave Fragments said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations & good luck!

JRMosher said...

Thank you! All it took was to treat writing and editing as a full-time, 40+ hour per week job (on top of my salaried full-time job, my parenting full-time job, my IT consultant full-time job, and my various part-time duties.)

And now I get to tackle marketing as a full-time job as well. I guess they call it "living the dream" because it doesn't leave any time to do my dreaming while asleep. :)