Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Chris Eldin Fellowship

Some former minions, and others, are running a fundraiser to set up an annual fellowship for middle grade writers in the name of the late minion, Chris Eldin (aka Takoda/Church Lady) who passed away in 2012. Chris was very active in promoting the work of new writers and we thought that setting up a fellowship in her name was a good way for us, and others, to remember her.

We’ve got some great donations to the fundraiser, including goodies from Hugh Howey, Ken Follett, Jonathan Franzen, and many other authors.

We’re trying to promote the fundraiser at the moment – it only runs until the end of September.
And the fellowship itself is now open for entries: 


IMHO said...

A great cause and some great donated items! I got the autographed copy of "The One and Only Ivan".

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that your minions are not actually evil at all...