Sunday, April 20, 2014

Practice Query #6

Dear Evil Editor,

After faking his own death, Dan Duggen learns that a distant relation has left him a stock portfolio worth millions. Now Dan wonders how he can fake his own resurrection without attracting too much attention.

He makes a deal with Josh, an illusionist, and sets a simple plan: Josh has to pretend he’s a medium able to resurrect the dead.

While the Duggens are gathered in the family crypt, Josh puts on his show. But something goes wrong. Josh really manages to raise the dead, and Dan finds himself surrounded by zombie relations.

Whatever Josh has started doesn’t stop. Soon, all the graves in the cemetery are empty and zombies roam everywhere. And when Dan and Josh behead them, they rise again. Josh is one hell of a dead raiser.

Dan has to admit it; family reunions have never been much fun and old aunt Bessie trying to eat his brain is not an improvement.

And if Dan can inherit that money, why can’t aunt Bessie? Should she be discriminated against just because she has an eating disorder?

Now it’s up to Josh and Dan to send the dead back to their graves before all the dead of the world wake up or, even worse, one of Dan’s zombie relations gets the money.

Rest in Peace, Dan Duggen is a fanta-horror novel complete at 90,000 words and can be considered the prequel of World War Z.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Mister Furkles said...

To me, it is a fine example of how to write a query.

AlaskaRavenclaw said...

Seems perfect to me. Now you just have to write the book.

Dave Fragments said...

I like this. Good idea and nicely written.

IMHO said...

Not taking anything away from this nicely written query, but I wonder if it's somehow easier to write a query for someone else's story -- you're less involved, less likely to get sidetracked when it's not your own darling.

just a random thought!

Chicory said...

This fake query has a terrific voice.

Mister Furkles said...

IMHO, You're right. In attempting to write a practice query for my WIP, I find my thoughts clouded by the 'spiffy' details of the story.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Thanks guys!
I agree with IMHO and Mister Furkles, it’s easier to write a fake query