Monday, March 24, 2014

Buy This Book. Cure Diabetes.

As usual, Evil Editor will soon be donating his services to the Brenda Novak Auction, which begins May 1. 

Auction site link.

Among my offerings is the following:

Your Book (up to 100,000 words) Edited by EVIL EDITOR, the world's most famous editor.

Last year's winner of this item had the good fortune to quickly land an agent who quickly sold the book to Sourcebooks, and despite the publishing industry's reputation for dragging their feet, the book has just been published, and the author has appeared on Entertainment Tonight in the US and Mornings in Australia.

Of course declaring that last year's auction winner has had the book published should increase the final take this year, but think how much more it would increase if Ms. Novak could declare that the book made the bestseller lists! Dare I think we could be talking seven figures?

Sure, you can help cure diabetes by bidding on Evil Editor this year, but that would make a significant dent in your bank account if you somehow won. And only one person can win an item. But thousands of people can buy the book, making it a huge success and driving this year's bids into the stratosphere.

Here's a link to the book's Amazon page.

You can also get it at your favorite bookstore. You can request it at your library if you prefer not to buy it. You can buy gift copies for your friends and relatives. I foresee not only diabetes, but all diseases being cured as a result of your generosity. Also, you'll probably like the book.

Disclaimer: Evil Editor has no stake, financial or otherwise, in the success of Shooting Stars.


kregger said...

Evil,I use that term loosely, Editor,

What a fantastic fund raiser. For those who won't take the time to peruse the list, EE has offered three things. In addition to the full (100K limit) he will do a 10K partial, and a full line edit before the end of the auction. Did I get that correct?

Your evilness is only surpassed by your generosity. Kudous, kiddo.


Evil Editor said...

Actually all my editing offerings are full line edits. One is the 1st 10,000 words, the other two are full books, one of which is a one-day auction to have the book edited before the auction is over.

Also, Some of the Evil Editor books will be available.

Dave Fragments said...

I don't know much about world suffering because the planet doesn't talk to me but I did buy this book and AMAZON did deliver it TODAY. Evil Editor is thanked in the acknowledgements.

It's my new "read" as of today and from the first few pages, it's going to be lots of fun.