Sunday, March 01, 2015

Evil Editor's New Board Game

The game that prepares you 
for your career in publishing.

Click box to enlarge.

Whether you're an editor or a literary agent, an aspiring author or a best-seller, a publisher or an indy bookstore owner, sooner or later you're gonna want to kill someone. So play the game that lets you do just that.

That's all I've got so far, the box and the concept. What I need from you is the text that'll go on the cards (think Chance in Monopoly) 

or the board spaces (think the game of Life).

Those are just examples. Yours should be funnier. Submit as comments.


Anonymous said...

Another author has the same plot and characters. Gain 20 publicity points. Lose $500,000 in legal fees

Aardwolf said...

Amazon refuses to carry your book. Spend $400 to hire a lawyer to bring those bastards to their knees.

Dave Fragments said...

Your fanfic goes viral. Collect $$$

Dave Fragments said...

a) Publishing house goes under, lose one book.

b) Publisher buys your story as a serial. Get notoriety but no dollars.

Dave Fragments said...

The taxman cometh and grabs your royalties. Lose 28%

Dave Fragments said...

Critique Group trashes latest novel, lose one turn to pity party, buy chocolates for other players.

(Some nights I have insomnia)

Editor wants your poem to be villanelle rather than sonnet.

Evil Editor said...

You ghost.write Grisham's next novel, saving his career.. Collect 4,000,000 royalties before refusing on artistic grounds to do his next book ( despite his pleading).

Mister Furkles said...

Two questions: (1) Are the players writers or can they be agents, editors, publicists, critics or publishers? (2) Avalon Hill published such a board game in the 1960s called Word Power. Have you seen it?

"Your agent retires--in Brazil! Lose one year's royalties."

"Famous minority leader accuses you of racism for using 'negro' in you 1930s mystery. Pay publicist $50,000 to fix everything."

Evil Editor said...

Players can be anything. Maybe there should be one of everything.

Never heard of the game, but based on the description )

it was playable only in the 60s, when the players were all likely to be tripping.

Mister Furkles said...

You could set it up like Careers where choosing a particular profession determines how you score. The the game cards could have different messages for different professions.

Or like AH's Word Power--a competitive vocabulary game for obnoxious word-snobs--you could have different tracks for different professions. (In Word Power it is writers at different levels.)

Here's another card: "Your agent doesn't return calls; lose a turn."