Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Success Story

Amara Royce reports:
I haven't been an active Evil Minion for a while now.  Back then, I used a different name than I'm using now. (I'm quite proud to say I was even included in a couple of your Evil Editor books.)
While I didn't submit my newest work to your blog for vivisection, I've learned a great deal from you over the years that's shaped my writing significantly.  I recently obtained representation by Jessica Alvarez of BookEnds, LLC, and a two-book ebook deal with eKensington (Kensington Publishing's digital-first imprint) for two Victorian historical romances set in and around the Great Exhibition of 1851. What I've learned from you and the minions about writing queries, about starting your story in the right spot, about making every word matter--all of that has helped get me to where I am now.
So thank you very much! I hope you are doing well, and I hope the Evil Editor blog continues to flourish.

And we hope that you'll send us the openings of your ebooks as soon as they're written.


AlaskaRavenclaw said...

Congratulations, Amara!

150 said...


Chelsea Pitcher said...

Yayyyyyyy congrats!!! That is AWESOME news! :)

Jo Antareau said...

Excellent stuff. Well done.

Dave Fragments said...

Congratulations on the good news.

james said...

Yes, definitely congratulations to Amara. But, as Amara graciously pointed out, some gratitude is also due to EE for providing such an entertaining and instructional blog where many of you very capable minions have been able to voice your helpful suggestions.

Continued good fortune to you, Amara. And to EE and minions, keep it up!