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JRMosher said...

Far too quiet in here. Partly my fault, I know, for not posting often enough, but I do love this blog and appreciate all the fun (and education!) you have provided over the years. So ... here's an opening for someone to continue:

It was not a dark and stormy night. A light breeze tickled the neighborhood, sharing backyard barbecue smells and laughing children sounds. One jolly cloud meandered across the sky, like a fat man floating happily in a swimming pool. Somewhere off in the distance, a dog barked. The bark was playful, not menacing, the kind of bark that says thanks for throwing the stick, let me go get that for you so you can throw it again, if you want. Somewhere closer by, an unseen television or radio provided play-by-play announcements of a game where the home team was winning. Once in a while, during a break in the action, a commercial come on with a catchy jingle or a smooth-voiced celebrity describing quality merchandise at very reasonable prices. Summer was in full swing.
Suddenly, a shot did not ring out.