Thursday, November 19, 2020

Let EE edit your book!

 Let EE edit your book (up to 80,000 words). All you have to do is outbid everyone else who wants me (and most of the people bidding in this auction never heard of Evil Editor and have no idea how valuable this auction prize is). Proceeds from the auction support the Democrats in the Georgia runoff Senate election, the ones Mitch McConnell wants to lose. Stick it to Mitch.

Also, you know you want your book edited by someone who you know knows what they're doing, not by some ETL heroin addict in India who's telling people in Wyoming how to get their cable TV working while he's editing your book.

Even if you don't have a completed book, you should be bidding on this just to keep some billionaire for whom $5000 is pocket change from getting a bargain. You know that no matter how high you go he'll outbid you, but for one brief moment you'll be a thorn in his side. It's human nature not to want billionaires to get great deals. This is your chance to stick it to one.

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