Sunday, January 13, 2013

Evil Editor Classics

Below are a few "De-motivational Posters" that appeared here in 2008. If you'd like one of them blown up to wall-size to place in your writing room for inspiration, let me know.

Resignation: Paca; Delusion: Kiersten White; Others: EE; 
"Aspiration" photo: Misscarrion; "Class" painting: Evil Jr.


Anonymous said...

Thanks I needed that like a shot to the heart.

I think I'd rather blow you up and put what remains on my wall.

Kidding! Honestly!

Happy New Year, I got a request for pages on my ms thanks to the query I put up here.You and the minions helped make itso much better. Thanks guys. Evil, my hero.

Anonymous said...

I want ALL of them in my writing room. Seriously. The chances of scoring a publisher are so slim that any time i think I've produced something worth reading, I'll just look at those messages, roll up my sleeves, and work harder.