Sunday, May 16, 2010

No Repeated Words Challenge 5

"Yeah, uh huh, I hear ya." Evil Editor nodded. Tinny words squeaked through that black plastic receiver. "Lawyers in love, judge learns a moral lesson. That's awesome. Really great angle."

Rapid squeaking came over fiberoptic wire.

EE grimaced. "Kidding! I'm sure it's wonderful. Just lay off male bonding and they'll eat it up. Who needs innovation? Romance has served you well for dozens of bestsellers already, fans love a cliche."

Holding the phone away from his ear: "Not funny, right. Sorry. Course I love books. Your books, yes. Adore them. New York Times won't know what hit 'em." Authors. Couldn't take a joke. These conversations were why Big Ed charged such high percentages.

"Love ya," he said. "Honestly. Just send me the words. I'll sort it out."

Click. Time to get the plot generator out. Set Phasers to Legal Thriller!

Luckily Grisham didn't read his own books.



fairyhedgehog said...

Nice one!

sylvia said...

OMG I repeated books.

Dave F. said...

Good scene. I love the back-handed compliments.

Joanna Hoyt said...

My favorite, repeat or no.

Anonymous said...

the word a is used three times.