Saturday, December 08, 2007

First Meeting 11

“Who are you? What is that?”

Samantha spun around, but couldn’t find the speaker. She glanced at Charlie who was staring at a nearby tree. Samantha fixed her eyes on the same location.

“A dog?” A small face peeked out from between the leaves. The skin matched the bark almost perfectly. “Really, truly, a dog?”

A lithe form in green clothes skinned out of the trunk of the tree and dropped to the ground. “I am the Treeling known as Fritter. I am honored by your visit.” Fritter bowed low to the ground in front of Charlie.

Charlie barked, then assumed his usual position – sitting down, tail wagging, panting with his tongue lolling. [Charlie being a dog, his usual position in these circumstances would be with his nose at Fritter's butt for several minutes.]

Samantha squinted at Fritter. “Treeling? Charlie’s glad you’re honored and all that.”

Fritter straightened with a snap. His eyes, level with Samantha’s, flickered red. “And do you, lowly creature, assume you can speak for Charlie?”

Samantha took a step backwards.

Charlie stood up and growled. His tongue slid behind the even rows of teeth he bared at [Samantha as he declared, "The creature's right. I've had it with you assuming you know what I think."

Charlie dined well that night: Samantha tartare and fritters.] Fritter.

“Ah yes.” Fritter backed a few steps. “I suppose you do. My abject apologies.” Fritter bowed to her. A very shallow bow.



If I saw a creature with skin like tree bark, wearing clothes and talking, I wouldn't assume it was a dog. I'd assume it was a weredingo.


LizR said...

I had to backtrack once before I realized that it was the Treeling, not Samantha, speaking in the third paragraph. Unless it's more obvious when in context, I think it might be clearer if the fourth paragraph was connected to the end of the third.

I liked how uppity Fritter came across in such a short span.

Church Lady said...

I really, really like this!
Is this book finished? It sounds like a lot of fun!

Bernita said...


Anonymous said...

Is nobody else disconcerted by the name 'Fritter'? I expected his companions, Rissole and Hash Brown, to appear next.

Sarah said...

Thanks. And thank you, EE. I wasn't expecting the individual attention to these submissions.

The book is 'finished' but I need to rewrite it before submitting it anywhere. Have to add a bit more of the story here and there.

If you think Fritter is a bad name, wait until you hear about the other tree creatures.

BuffySquirrel said...

Hah! I like the reversal.

Dave F. said...

I hate to ask this, but isn't it possible the dog just lifted it's leg and watered the tree and the treeling?

talpianna said...

Does "weredingo" have a special connotation on this blog, different from that of your average therianthrope?

McKoala said...

She seems very unsurprised, but there may be a reason for that that we don't see here. I was also confused by that third para. Loved the 'shallow bow'! It says so much!

BuffySquirrel said...

Weredingo is one of many running jokes, along with Amelia Pettipants (who hasn't appeared in a while). Check the archives :).

Robin S. said...


I really, really enjoyed this, and wanted there to be more.