Friday, March 09, 2007

Dialogue 7

Intergalactic Ranger Navarro rolled his eyes. "Doctor Ungaro, will you please explain your findings to Doctor Bishop? Doctor Bishop-- Kimberly-- will you please work with Doctor Ungaro on this case?"

"I'm not the one with the problem," Kimberly told the officer. "Genius here hasn't talked to me since I treated his wife's so-called Vengan leprosy. It's not my fault she was warehoused in a containment colony for three years. I wasn't the one who 'misdiagnosed' her and sent her there!"

Ungaro began to growl, lip fleered to bare his fangs. Navarro placed a restraining hand on his arm.

Navarro shrugged it off. "Don't touch me, cop," he snarled. "I came because I owed you one, but I don't owe you enough to stay in the same room with that . . . human a moment longer."

"Please, we're all professionals," Navarro began, and Kimberly began to laugh.

"Sorry, I'm sorry," Kimberly choked out. "It's just-- Never mind. Can we just examine the body and get out of here? I have rounds in forty minutes."

"I'll give you 'rounds'," Ungaro muttered, claws flexing.

"Why Doctor Ungaro, that's the nicest thing you've said to me in, why it's been years, hasn't it? And here I thought I might continue to enjoy your silence."

Navarro stepped between the two of them. "Will you stop teasing the Silipsozian, Doctor Bishop?" He pointed at the corpse on the table. "Dead body. Inexplicable circumstances. Burned from the inside out. Can we please get on with it?"


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writtenwyrdd said...

I rather liked seeing the changes you made, EE. I can't tell what, if anything, you changed!

This was fun to do, though. Thanks!